Nous reproduisons ici cet excellent article (en anglais) de Dan Fournier qui a repris nos données sur les hospitalisations et les décès de la COVID-19.

Bonne lecture!


By Dan Fournier

Quebec health authorities have not been entirely forthcoming about Covid-19-related statistics with regards to hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status in recent months.

Similar to their counterparts in Ontario who have stopped publishing Covid-19 hospitalizations by vaccine status as of June 30, Quebec has done the same since July 6.

Screenshot of a notice from Santé Québec stating that data on cases and hospitalizations according to vaccination status is no longer available as of the 6th of July, 2022.


Réinfo Covid, the collective representing a group of doctors and other health practitioners who are at odds with the provincial authorities, published an information page on the matter titled Tableau de bord de la COVID-19 au Québec (English: “Dashboard for COVID-19 in Quebec”).

They begin by criticizing the health authority for no longer publishing data based on vaccination status which the health authority deems to no longer be “representative.”

As per Réinfo Covid’s own Covid-19 dashboard for data updated on July 4, 2022 (the last public data available for these sets) for the 28 preceding days reveal that (Google translated from French):

  • According to data from the authorities, a person vaccinated with 3 doses has 3.65 times the risk of contracting COVID-19 compared to an unvaccinated person.
  • In terms of new hospitalizations, those vaccinated with 3 doses are very overrepresented with 70% even though they constitute 51.2% of the population.

A detailed table for hospitalisations by age group and vaccine status is also provided in the Dashboard.

In a separate publication, Les vaccins ne sont pas la solution (English: “Vaccines are not the solution”), the collective shows Covid-19-related deaths by vaccination status.

Documents obtained through access to information laws from the provincial health authority, Santé Québec, show that of the 3,450 correctly categorized COVID-19 deaths since the start of the 4th wave (July 18, 2021), 95.7% (3,303) are adequately vaccinated while 4.3% (147) are unvaccinated.


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